Yun Chen

Yun Chen graduated from Pratt Institute, BFA of Digital Arts.

She worked in the advertising design field in New York City after graduation, and enjoyes creating refreshing art direction with blends of design aesthetic and technology.

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Salsa's Day Dream, 2016, Digital Illustration, 6.7 in x 11 in, 4 in total

Salsa's Daydream is a set of self themed illustrations.

Sometimes, as a foreigner, being in New York City feels like a daydream. We pursue our goals - many times we find ourselves confused, lost, unsure about anything, but we are not quitting. Just like Salsa and her day dream. Thinking about how wonderful it would be if she could swim. It is as much grace as the birds flying through the sky. She is confused about the future, and having to conquer the fear of self doubts, she ponders whether to continue, or to give up. Eventually she makes the leap to give all in, even knowing that she might eventually find herself lost and drowned in her dream just like all the others in this city.