Sylvia Di Kong

Sylvia Kong is originally from China, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and got her MFA in 2016. Along with her career, she has worked as a visual/ product designer in Apple, Samsung, and artnet. Moreover, she has won and nominated from many prestigious awards all over the world. 

Sylvia Kong 5.jpg

Sick Gradient Series, Digital Print, 10 in x 16 in, 5 in total

A gradient, without restriction, is edgeless and ever-shifting. In all various of forms, a gradient become an adhesive and catalyst of blending multiple colors, distinct things and opinions. 

Unlike abstract color or pattern collage, a gradient provides an ambiguous atmosphere, as well as an open imagination environment. The author output her aspects of life, fragments of dreams, the connection of perception,  the philosophical study, etc. through the gradual patterns, in order to bind herself tightly to time waterfalls, like how gradient moves, transits, and progresses.