Jiaqi Pan

Jiaqi Pan (Chi) was born and raised in China. She received her BA in photography from The University of Alabama (2016) and an MFA from University of Pennsylvania (2018). Working primarily with photography, she is interested in exploring her relationship to strangers, time and herself.

She has had solo exhibition exhibited at Sella-Granata Art Gallery (Tuscaloosa). Her works has been included in recent group exhibitions including Parentheses at David Nolan Gallery, Double Vision at FJORD, Bild Build at Icebox Project Space and TPS 26: The International Competition at J. Wayne Stark Galleries.

She lives and works in Philadelphia.

Website: jiaqichipan.com

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Video (7’36” Loop), rice paper, incense sticks, singing bowl

Lao and Xiao is an art piece of video installation, expressing the grandchildren's deep yearning for deceased grandmother. The audience can see the letter written to the grandmother being burned to the ashes while listening to the sound of incineration and the final announcement permeating deeply into the heart. The faint flame transforms the paper into various shapes, eventually it is turned into ashes falling to our world. Meanwhile, those words on the letter being deformed in the shapes of thoughts and conveyed to another world. As a ritual, “burning incense and paper” breaks the bondage of space and carried faith with it. The other part of the device is the original copys of the burnt letter. The pile of paper represents the stack of thoughts. This work aims to demonstrate the overseas chinese’s regrets and pains resulted from the time and far distance.