Hayley Wang

Junior Jewelry major and Art History minor at Pratt Institute  

Mum & I 

Size: larger winecup: About 20cm x 15cm, smaller winecup: About 18cm x 10cm

Material and techniques: folded copper, raised copper, chased surface, soldering

It has always been mum and I since I could remember, as we simply did everything together back then: go out, eat, having fun, and go back home; I still remember that time when my mum sneaked inside the classroom at my primary school just to give me a birthday card so I won't feel too lonely that day. Meanwhile, as a single mother living in a small city, she is often being judged by many, so I often feel like we are some kind of outsiders or aliens once in a while. As time passed by, slowly I get to used to the voices and comments of others, but at the same time, I also realized the power and strength my mother contained under her skin, just like the wine cups that hold all the unknown flavored wine under their alienated look, bitter or sweet.