Art Exhibition at New York City

198 Allen St, New York, NY10002

November 29, 2018


執 is derived from Sanskrit “ātma-grāha” . In Buddhism, “ātma” translates as “conception of self”, and “grāha” means “conceive as a self”. Referring to the core beliefs, these are the shortcomings of mankind, as one is overly attached to oneself involving arrogance, complacency, inferiority, and greed; one’s self-awareness is too strong and lacks collective consciousness and dedication.

Instead of focusing only on the negative side of it, 執 is given a new interpretation in the modern world: it refers to the attachment to all tangible or intangible things.

In the spiritual aspect, 執 is often understood as an insistence in one’s mind: on religions, beliefs, and emotions. In the civil circumstance, it usually is an obsession of assets and particular objects. 執 can be interpreted as a metaphor, a way of perceiving the world, or a living attitude. It can be secular or illusory; it can be positive or morbid; it c an also be blatant or obscure.

Shrugging off everything that is already defining 執, this exploratory pop-up tour is a critical reflection of the exhibitor’s own paradigm built around one’s own 執. The exhibition expresses exhibitors’ true inner worlds from the private sphere to public sphere, to achieve the objectification of their ideologies.

Curated by



Cindy Zhaoyue Chen

Locus Xiaotong Chen

Wei Lin

Elvin Xingyu Ou

Yiyao Tang

Echo Wan

Yiyi Wang